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J. R. Klein has published over a hundred and fifty articles in scholarly journals and mainstream magazines. Klein's work includes poetry, novels, and plays. He is an award-winning author of ten books. His critically-acclaimed novels, Frankie Jones, and The Ostermann House, were released in 2016 and 2017, respectively. The Ostermann House was a 2017 Killer Nashville Claymore Award Finalist, was selected as Best Book of the Year in 2017 by Advice Books International, and was a 2018 Eric Hoffer da Vinci Eye Award Finalist. It is rated 4.29 out of 5.0 in Goodreads. A Distant Past, An Uncertain Future, was released in May of 2019. TO FIND - The Search for Meaning in Life on The Gringo Trail, a memoir of Klein's travels through Mexico and Central America on $5 a day was published in December of 2019. The Visitor and The Code, which was released in 2020, was a 2022 Feathered Quill Book Award winner in Mystery/Suspense Quarter Rats, his most recent book, is a book of humor/satire that was released in March of 2021. If I Could Do It All Again, an autobiography, and Times Like These, a book of literary fiction, were released in 2022.

THE CODE - 2022 Feathered Quill Silver Medal Book Award Winner in Mystery & Suspense

"Klein has written a novel one doesn't find anymore--as much exploration as exposition, it often raises unanswerable questions. His prose is lyrical and frequently sings, in a minor key, of the things we too often take for granted. Courageously non-genre, this novel is for people who love language, appreciate insightful perceptions on the human condition, and accept the realization that nothing really ends as long as life goes on." - US Review of Books

Does a house have a soul? The old Ostermann farmhouse does - a very dark and very sinister soul. Little do the Feltons know this when they buy the house in rural Krivac, Texas. Caught in a torrent of mind-altering energy, dire warnings, and military intelligence investigations, it is time for the Feltons get out. Frantically attempting to leave, they are blocked by forces that have a devastating message for all of humanity.

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Thomas Blake is a successful author of mystery novels. He has lived for many years in Del Mar, California. When he is faced with a personal tragedy, his life comes to an abrupt standstill. Out of tormenting boredom and trapped in a clutch of writer's block, he starts going to a small café where he is befriended by a group of surfers. Though Thomas is twice their age, a synergy develops. They invite him out on the water in Del Mar, and on a surfing trip to Baja. Will their youthful energy be enough to bring Thomas Blake back to life, or has the die been forever cast?

A Distant Past, An Uncertain Future is a story of friendship and shared needs, a story of life itself.

The year was 1980. Having recently completed a doctoral degree, J.R. Klein, aka Alex Moreau, is totally burned out. Life is dull, routine, monotonous. On a whim, he sets out with photographer friend, Stefan Kale, on a trek through Mexico and Central America with a mere four hundred and ninety-five dollars in his pocket. TO FIND is a wild adventure across raw deserts, up into remote mountain villages, out onto pristine islands, and deep into tropical rain forests. Relegated to the most basic forms of transportation - peasant buses, dilapidated trains, and more often than not using their thumbs to snag a ride - they live a vagabond existence devoid of plans, destinations, and schedules. Above all, TO FIND is an excursion of the soul. It is a kaleidoscope of exhilarating experiences that includes mystical encounters with the lost civilization of the Maya, and a rich cast of characters that flows endlessly across the pages. Klein delivers an unforgettable journey of self-discovery in the tradition of Jack Kerouac's On the Road and Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild.




Cedar Bluff, Minnesota, population two thousand four hundred and thirty-six. Two lakes. Peaceful, quiet, predictable. Home of Ben and Amy Malone and their teenage son, Jimmy. Enter Victor Cartuso, a famous novelist of mystery and horror books. Immediately, everything in Cedar Bluff takes a dire turn. Fear sets in. Does Victor Cartuso have a hand in what is happening? Or is it mere coincidence?




Deep beneath the two-century-old library building of Graebner College, in the bucolic town of Covington, Vermont, Sam Whitney and Lenore Simenson come upon an ancient medieval ritual called The Code. With it, they are able to make vast amounts of money. Everything is perfect - perfect until something very dark and very dangerous is unleashed. Katy Malone and Nick Sanchez, two ace students at Graebner, discover what Sam and Lenore are up to. All are trapped in a deadly web spun by The Code. Now, the only question is, who will survive.  

Winner of the 202 Feathered Quill Silver Medal

Book Award


Rubin Kranovich is a bellhop at a fancy New Orleans hotel deep in the French Quarter. He is a Quarter Rat. All of Rubin’s friends are Quarter Rats. But Rubin does not plan to make this his whole life. His hopes are big; his ambitions are grand. When not at work and dressed in a red jacket and red cap, looking like an organ grinder monkey, Rubin can be found with his fellow Quarter Rats in the bars and cafés—ever developing new ways to make a buck. Always scheming, always coming up with new gigs to perform. Quarter Rats is a few raucous days in the life of Rubin Kranovich. But it is also the story of Clifford Ritter, who drives a taxi in New Orleans, and Eddie Clabberman, who is working on a novel, a tome, if he ever finishes it. Meet Ramona, Rubin’s girlfriend, and Sebastian, Rubin’s best friend, and Horace Slagg. Like Rubin, they are all Quarter Rats—for better or for worse.


Seven years have passed since Jack, Owen,  Anna, and Chloe last saw each other. Their lives have moved tangentially in different directions. Now, disillusioned with life in the States, they decide to live as expats in Mexico. Life is simple, idyllic, and fulfilling. But when the opportunity arises, Jack and Owen team up in their prior careers as reporter and photographer, only to find themselves caught in mortal danger.


From his first experiment growing corn in the front yard at age three, J. R. Klein pushed the envelope. Life itself was an experiment, and he held the magic wand that captured every bewitching moment. Follow Klein into his monastic journey as a Maryknoll seminarian, up the Amazon River, deep into remote areas of the rain forest, and into Nicaragua in the heat of the Iran-Contra affair. Through it all, Klein earned a PhD in Immunology at Johns Hopkins University and worked with the world’s best scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, MIT, and The Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation. If I Could Do It All Again is a heartfelt tale of discovery, sadness, and joy.


This is the story of Armando Ortiz. Armando came to the US from Mexico where he had worked in the tile factories as a teenager. While in Texas, he meets Rosa. They get married, have two children, and move to Houston where Armando works for roofing companies putting shingles on housetops in the blistering heat of the day. But Armando vows he will not do this the rest of his life. Someday he will live the American Dream as millions of immigrants before him have. He will own his own business, his own roofing company. Yet, setbacks are many and Armando doubts that his dream will ever come true. Just when he is about to give up, something happens that Armando could never have imagined. All the Burning Rooftops is an American drama as true as life itself.

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