THIS IS THE STORY OF RUBIN KRANOVICH. Rubin is a bellhop at a fancy New Orleans hotel deep in the French Quarter. He is a Quarter Rat. All of Rubin’s friends are Quarter Rats. But Rubin does not plan to make this his whole life. His hopes are big; his ambitions are grand. When not at work and dressed in a red jacket and red cap, looking like an organ grinder monkey, Rubin can be found with his fellow Quarter Rats in the bars and cafés — ever developing new ways to make a buck. Always scheming, always coming up with new gigs to perform. Quarter Rats is a few raucous days in the life of Rubin Kranovich. But it is also the story of Clifford Ritter, who drives a taxi in New Orleans, and Eddie Clabberman, who is working on a novel, a tome, if he ever finishes it. Meet Ramona, Rubin’s girlfriend, and Sebastian, Rubin’s best friend, and Harvey Goff. Like Rubin, they are all Quarter Rats — for better or for worse.


      almost a true story


"The narrator's attention to colorful details and his spontaneous stream-of-consciousness approach convey New Orleans’ carefree spirit...In essence, the book is a pleasure cruise through delightful scenes with no destination. Rubin mentions dreams of a psychiatry degree, and he practices a Charlie Chaplin act he might hustle. But what he actually accomplishes is an amusing literary diversion that, with its relaxed tone and eccentric characters, is perfect for vacation reading." - The US Review of Books

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