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Thomas Blake is a successful author of mystery novels. He has lived for many years in Del Mar, California. When he is faced with a personal tragedy, his life comes to an abrupt standstill. Out of tormenting boredom and trapped in a clutch of writer's block, he starts going to a small café where he is befriended by a group of surfers. Though Thomas is twice their age, a synergy develops. They invite him out on the water in Del Mar, and on a surfing trip to Baja. Will their youthful energy be enough to bring Thomas Blake back to life, or has the die been forever cast?

A Distant Past, An Uncertain Future is a story of friendship and shared needs, a story of life itself.

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"...a satisfying mix of introspection and zestful action that has the power to tickle the intellect with a look inside the writers mind, while inciting the urge to pick up and hit the waves." - Featured Quill Book Reviews  

"Klein offers a glimpse into the culture, environment, and social mores of California Pacific Coast beach life. One can almost sense the waves crashing against the shoreline in his vivid descriptions of the beaches of Del Mar..."  - The US Review of Books

"Klein has a soft and engaging voice that entices you to read on." - Richie's Reviews

"This is a superb novel further establishing JR Klein's ascending position on the literary stage." - Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Top 100 Reviewer

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