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Michael and Audrey Felton are professors at a Houston university. In the close-knit German-Czech community of Krivac, Texas, they have found the perfect place to escape to from their busy lives in the city. Little do they know what dark and sinister events await them. Krivac is not your ordinary town. Caught in a whirlwind of arcane numerologies and mind-altering energy, the time has come to leave - to abandon the house. But it is not easy while everything is spinning out of control. What happens at the Ostermann house will change the lives of the Feltons, and the future of the planet, forever. . .or so it seems. Find out what really took place at The Ostermann House.

* Killer Nashville Claymore Award Finalist | 2017 
* First Place | Best Books of 2017 | Advice Books International
* Eric Hoffer da Vinci Eye Finalist | 2018

PRAISE FOR THE OSTERMANN HOUSE (click on the icon to read the full review)

“The weird goings-on that begin to pile one upon another in this tale can almost be logically explained—until perhaps they can’t—unless you buy into some scientific theories that feel a bit like Einstein meets The X-Files...Characters are drawn sharply and genuinely. Dialogue sounds natural during off-the-cuff banter and realistic when people must suddenly react to bizarre situations. Prose is used deftly as well.” 

- The US Review of Books | RECOMMENDED

“Klein...offers a haunted house tale with a twist...What starts out as a standard ghost story becomes a fun, unpredictable thriller.”

Kirkus Reviews

"Author J. R. Klein is a master at crafting tales of paranormal suspense...a well-written novel that is so creepy you may want to turn on music so as not to scare yourself too much while you're deeply engrossed in reading this page-turner. The Ostermann House is a fast-paced ominous tale for fans who love to read a good paranormal suspense that will keep you thoroughly engaged right up until a whammy in the ending."

- Feathered Quill Book Reviews

“Michael has a vision of a bloodied version of a neighbor and hears a voice warning him, ‘This is the Ostermann house. It belongs to Ostermann. You could have left it the way it was, but you didn’t. Now it’s yours’…The action builds to a dramatic and surprising resolution.” 

Publisher’s Weekly BookLife.

“...After experiencing all these weird and unexplainable stories and events, Michael and Audrey decide to let go and sell the Ostermann house. What happened next may surprise of frighten you, but you’ll have to read the book to find out”

Richie’s Reviews

“…the plot of this book is really wonderful! It is enriched with many supernatural twists, some of them absolutely extraordinary, such as the symbol of the number nine…perfectly intertwined to create more and more growing suspense…”  First Place prize to J.R. Klein for writing a compelling mystery book about a topic that pushes readers to think about the future of our planet.

Advice Books International

"A gripping psychological thriller that will keep you guessing to the last page."  James R. Templer - Author of VIRION and other Richard Alexander Mysteries.

"J. R. Klein…paints a colorful portrait, which allows readers to step directly into this story. The main characters are well drawn and the supporting cast lends to the intrigue. The mystery and suspense of what lies below the superficial layer of the house and land are drawn with great imagination." 


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