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Abandoned as an infant by his father, orphaned after his mother died when he was a child, Frankie grows up tough, edgy, and street smart. The quintessential self-made man, he lives life to the fullest. Frankie becomes a journalist, hoping to be the next great American writer. While in Boston, he meets Mercedes Brewster. Refined, sophisticated, and from a prominent New England family, she is the complete opposite of Frankie. He can't help falling for her, but can he keep his wanderlust in check?

Yet, it is the American Dream that Frankie seeks more than anything. Get the career. Get the success. And most importantly, get the girl. In California, Frankie becomes friends with Owen Brookes. Gutsy, brazen, and at times reckless, Owen is Frankie’s alter ego. It is Owen who challenges Frankie’s belief in the American Dream. Will either of them achieve what they want? What must they give up in pursuit? Some lessons you learn the hard way, but it is how you react in the face of adversity that ultimately matters. Frankie Jones is a rich tapestry of hope, love, friendship, and betrayal—a story of life itself.

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PRAISE FOR FRANKIE JONES (click on the icon to read the full review)

"It's the 1990s, not the 1920s, yet echoes of Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises linger in the white spaces of Klein's beguiling novel...Klein has written a novel one doesn't find anymore...His prose is lyrical and frequently sings, in a minor key, of things we too often take for granted."

- The US Review of Books |RECOMMENDED

"Klein presents a story that touches on many facets of the human condition. A stunning debut, Frankie Jones is a must read by all."

- Feathered Quill Book Reviews

"Klein conveys philosophical ideas with beautifully crafted prose and vivid descriptions. . .An introspective tale of self-discovery that's worth reading for its lyricism and insights." - Kirkus Reviews

“J.R. Klein has a gift for creating a story that not only allows the reader to step into and enjoy the ride, but also take a step back and consider the thought provoking ramifications of rash decisions…Thought-provoking material! I highly recommend ‘Frankie Jones’…for readers who enjoy a good escape, but know that they will be pulled back into reality at the end.” Reader Views

“Keeps the pages turning. A colorful novel exploring the life of newspaper employees outside of work.  Narrator tells a moving tale with beautiful descriptions, language, and emotion.” - Tisha Martin’s Reviews

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